What is JDAP?

The Jamaica Development Application Portal (JDAP) is an online platform that enablesĀ applicantsĀ toĀ submit development applications. Registered usersĀ can make secure payments online, update information, upload attachmentsĀ andĀ seeĀ their application status, reports and comments.Ā 

Local authorities (municipal corporations) and relevant agencies use the portal to review, comment on and approve development applications.Ā 

The information in the JDAP database can be accessed by registered users. The public is also invited asĀ public users,Ā to access the Public Search featureĀ to keep informed on development and report breaches observed.

Development Application Review Process connected in one place...

The development application process is a consultative one among several entities for the processing of building and environmental permit applications. Building applications start at the Local Planning Authority/Municipal Corporations recommend that this be deleted because not all building applications are referred to National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) and like other Agencies in the building process NEPA is just a commenting agency so the last sentence in the first paragraph would cover NEPA. Several other agencies are required to comment on the various types of application and are included in the process as commenting agencies.

JDAP has all the key decision makers in theĀ development application review process ā€“ the local authorities and the relevant agencies ā€“ in a workflow so that all entities can view the application simultaneously, review, comment, and provide recommendations accordingly.